139 Holdings Limited
361 Degrees
A A C Acoustic Technologies Holdings Incorporated
A B C Communications Holdings Limited
A M S Public Transport Holdings Limited
A M V I G Holdings Limited
A O C International
A P T Satellite Holdings Limited
A V Concept Holdings Limited
Addchance Holdings Limited
Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Limited
Aeon Credit Service Asia Company Limited
Agile Property
Agricultural Bank of China
Air China
Ajisen China Holdings Limited
Alco Holdings Limited
Alibaba Group
Allan Internationals Limited
Allied Group Limited
Allied Properties Hong Kong Limited
Alltronics Holdings Limited
Aluminum Corporation of China Limited
American International Assurance
Anex Internationals Limited
Angang Steel Company
Anhui Conch Cement Company
Anhui Expressway Company Limited
Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Company Limited
Anta Sports
Anton Oilfield Services Group
Arnhold Holdings Limited
Artel Solutions Group Holdings Limited
Artfield Group Limited
Asia Aluminum Holdings Limited
Asia Cassava Resources Holdings Limited
Asia Commercial Holdings Limited
Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Limited
Asia Standard International Group Limited
Asia Tele Media Limited
Asian Union New Media Group Limited
Automated Systems Holdings Limited
B & W International Group Holdings Limited
B B M G Corporation
B E P Internationals Limited
B O C Hong Kong Holdings
B Y D Company
B Y D Electronic International Company Limited
BALtrans Holdings Limited
Bank of China Limited
Bank of Communications
Bank of East Asia Limited
Baoye Group Company Limited
Bauhaus Internationals Limited
Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited
Beijing Capital Land Limited
Beijing Development Hong Kong Limited
Beijing Enterprises
Beijing North Star
Belle International
Berjaya Holdings Hong Kong Limited
Birmingham Internationals
Bonjour Holdings Limited
Bossini Internationals
Brilliance Automotive
C C Land
C C T Tech International Limited
C C T Telecom Holdings Limited
C E C Internationals Limited
C K Life Sciences
C L P Holdings Limited
C N T Group Limited
C O L Capital Limited
Cafe de Coral Holdings Limited
Carico Holdings Limited
Carry Wealth Holdings Limited
Casil Telecommunications Holdings Limited
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
CATIC Internationals Limited
Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Limited
Century Legend
Champion Real Estate
Champion Technology Holdings Limited
Chanco International Group Limited
Changsheng China Property Company Limited
Chaoda Modern Agriculture Holdings Limited
Chen Hsong Holdings Limited
Chengdu Putian
Chenming Paper
Cheung Kong Holdings Limited
Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited
Chevalier Construction Holdings Limited
Chevalier Internationals Limited
Chevalier Pacific Holdings Limited
Chi Cheung Investment Company Limited
Chia Hsin Cement Greater China Holding Corporation
Chia Tai Enterprises International Limited
China Aerospace Internationals Limited
China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited
China Agri-Products Exchange Limited
China Aoyuan Property Group Limited
China Automation Group Limited
China Blue Chemical
China CITIC Bank
China Coal Energy Company
China Communications Construction
China Communications Services Corporation Limited
China Construction Bank Corporation
China COSCO Holdings Company Limited
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited
China Energy Development Holdings Limited
China Everbright International Limited
China Everbright Limited
China Fair Land Holdings Limited
China Financial & Industrial Investments
China Flavors & Fragrances Company Limited
China Foods Limited
China Force Oil & Grains Industrial Holdings Company Limited
China Glass Holdings Limited
China Grand Forestry Green Resources Group
China Green Holdings Limited
China Haisheng Juice Holdings Company Limited
China HealthCare Holdings Limited
China High Speed Transmission
China Investment Fund Company Limited
China Life Insurance Company Limited
China Merchants Bank Company Limited
China Merchants China Direct Investments Limited
China Merchants Holdings International Company Limited
China Metal Recycling
China Metallurgical Group Corporation
China Mining Resources Group Limited
China Mobile
China Molybdenum
China Motion Telecom International Limited
China Motor Bus
China National Building Material Company
China National Materials Company
China National Offshore Oil Corporation
China National Resources Development Holdings Limited
China Netcom Group Corporation Hong Kong Limited
China Nickel Resources Holdings Company Limited
China Oil & Gas Limited
China Oilfield Services
China Oriental Group Company Limited
China Overseas Land & Investment Limited
China Pacific Insurance
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
China Pharmaceutical Group Limited
China Power International Development
China Power New Energy Development Company Limited
China Properties Group
China Properties Investment Holdings Limited
China Railway Construction
China Railway Engineering Corporation
China Rare Earth
China Resources Cement
China Resources Enterprises
China Resources Land
China Resources Logic Limited
China Resources Power
China Rich Holdings Limited
China Sci-Tech Holdings Limited
China Seven Star Shopping Limited
China Shenhua Energy
China Shineway Pharmaceutical Group Limited
China Shipping Container Lines
China Shipping Development
China Solar Energy Holdings Limited
China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Industry Corporation
China Southern Airlines Company Limited
China Star Entertainment Limited
China Starch Holdings Limited
China State Construction Internationals Limited
China Taiping Insurance Holdings
China Telecom Corporation Limited
China Timber Resources Group Limited
China Ting Group Holdings Limited
China Travel International Investment Hong Kong
China Unicom
China Water Affairs Group
China Water Industry Group
China Windpower Group
China Zhongwang
China Zirconium Limited
China-Hongkong Photo Products Holdings Limited
Chinese Estates Holdings
Chinese People Gas Holdings Company Limited
Ching Hing Holdings Limited
Chong Hing Bank
Chongqing Iron & Steel Company
Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Limited
Chu Kong Shipping Development Company Limited
Chuang's China Investments Limited
Chung Tai Printing Holdings Limited
CITIC 1616 Holdings
CITIC International Financial Holdings Limited
CITIC Pacific Limited
CITIC Resources
City Telecom
Clear Media Limited
Climax International Company Limited
Coastal Greenland Limited
Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited
Computer & Technologies Holdings Limited
Computime Group Limited
Continental Holdings Limited
Convoy Financial Services
COSCO Internationals Limited
COSCO Pacific
Coslight Technology International Group Limited
Cosmopolitan Internationals Limited
Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited
Country Garden Holdings Company Limited
Crocodile Garments
Cross-Harbour Holdings Limited
Culturecom Holdings Limited
D V N Holdings Limited
Dachan Food Asia
Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited
Dah Sing Bank Limited
Dah Sing Financial Holdings Limited
Daido Group Limited
Daisho Microline Holdings Limited
Daiwa Associate Holdings Limited
Dalian Port P D A Company
Dan Form Holdings
Datang International Power Generation Company Limited
Dawnrays Pharmaceutical Limited
De Team Company Limited
Delta Network Incorporated
Denway Motors Limited
Dickson Concepts International Limited
Dickson Group Holdings Limited
Digital China Holdings Limited
Dongfang Electric
Dongfeng Motor Group
Dongyue Group Limited
Dream International Limited
Dynamic Global Holdings Limited
Dynamic Holdings Limited
Dynasty Fine Wines Group Limited
E N M Holdings Limited
E V A Precision Industrial Holdings Limited
E.Bon Holdings
E2-Capital Holdings Limited
Eagle Nice Internationals Limited
Easyknit Enterprises Holdings Limited
Easyknit International
EC-Founder Holdings Company Limited
Ecogreen Fine Chemicals Group Limited
eForce Holdings Limited
Egana Jewellery & Pearls Limited
EganaGoldpfeil Holdings Limited
e-KONG Group Limited
Elegance Internationals Limited
Embry Form Holdings
Emperor Capital Group Limited
Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited
Emperor Internationals Limited
Enerchina Holdings Limited
Enric Energy Equipment Holdings Limited
Esprit Holdings Limited
Evergrande Real Estate Group
Extrawell Pharmaceutical Limited
EYANG Holdings Group Limited
Fairwood Holdings Limited
Fantasia Holdings
Far East Consortium International Limited
Far East Technology International Limited
FinTronics Holdings Company Limited
First Pacific
First Shanghai Investments Limited
First Tractor Company Limited
Fittec International Group Limited
Fong's Industries Company Limited
Forefront Group Limited
Fortune Real Estate
Fortune Sun China Holdings Limited
Fortune Telecom Holdings Limited
Fosun International Limited
Founder Hong Kong Limited
Fountain Set Holdings Limited
Foxconn Internationals Limited
Franshion Properties China Limited
Frasers Property China Limited
Fubon Bank Hong Kong Limited
Fufeng Group
Fujikon Industrial Company Limited
G C L-Poly Energy Holdings Limited
G F T Holdings Limited
G S T Holdings Limited
G Z I Real Estate Investment Trust
G Z I Transport
Galaxy Entertainment Group
Galaxy Semi-Conductor Holdings Limited
Garron International
Gay Giano International Group Limited
Geely Automobile Holdings Limited
Genesis Energy Holdings
Get Nice Holdings Limited
Giordano International Limited
Global Bio-chem Technology Group
Global Green
Global Sweeteners
Glorious Property Holdings
Glorious Sun Enterprises Limited
Gold Peak Industries Holdings Limited
Golden Eagle Retail Group Limited
Golden Harvest
Golden Resources Development International Limited
Goldlion Holdings Limited
Golik Holdings Limited
GOME Electrical Appliances
Good Friend Internationals Incorporated
G-Prop Holdings Limited
Grand Investment International Limited
Grande Holdings
Graneagle Holdings Limited
Great Eagle Holdings
Great Wall Motor
Great Wall Technology Company Limited
Greater China Holdings Limited
Greentown China
Group Sense International Limited
Guangdong Investment
Guangdong Nan Yue Logistics Company Limited
Guangnan Holdings
Guangshen Railway Company
Guangzhou Automobile Group
Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Guangzhou Shipyard International
Guoco Group
G-Vision Internationals Limited
H K C Internationals Limited
H K R International
H S B C Holdings plc
Haier Electronics Group Company Limited
Hainan Meilan International Airport Company Limited
Haitian Internationals Limited
Hang Fung Gold Technology Limited
Hang Lung Group
Hang Lung Properties
Hang Seng Bank Limited
Hanison Construction Holdings Limited
HannStar Board Internationals Limited
Hanny Holdings Limited
Harbin Power Equipment
Harbour Centre Development
Hembly Internationals Limited
Henderson China Holdings Limited
Henderson Investment Limited
Henderson Land Development Company Limited
Hengan International
Henry Group Holdings Limited
Herald Holdings Limited
Hi Sun Technology China Limited
Hidili Industry International Development Limited
High Fashion International Limited
Hisense Kelon
Hong Kong & China Gas Company Limited
Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company
Hong Kong Catering Management Limited
Hong Kong Construction Holdings Limited
Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Limited
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Limited
Hong Kong Ferry Holdings Company Limited
Hong Long Holdings Limited
Honghua Group Limited
Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels Limited
Hongkong Chinese Limited
Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited
Hop Fung Group Holdings Limited
Hopewell Highway Infrastructure
Hopewell Holdings Limited
Hopson Development
Hsin Chong Construction Group Limited
Hua Han Bio-Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited
Hua Lien International Company Limited
Hua Yi Copper Holdings Limited
Huadian Power International
Hualing Holdings Limited
Huaneng Power International
Huiyuan Juice Group
Hunan Non-ferrous Metals
Hung Hing Printing Group Limited
Hutchison Harbour Ring
Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings
Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited
Hutchison Whampoa Limited
Hysan Development Company Limited
I D T International Limited
I P E Group Limited
I R C Limited
I T C Corporation Limited
I T Limited
i-CABLE Communications Limited
Imagi Internationals Limited
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited
Inner Mongolia Development Holdings Limited
Innovo Leisure Recreation Holdings Limited
Integrated Distribution Services Group Limited
Interchina Holdings Limited
J I C Technology Company Limited
Jackin Internationals Limited
Jade Dynasty
Jiangsu Expressway Company
Jiangxi Copper Company Limited
Johnson Electric Holdings Limited
Jolimark Holdings Limited
Joyce Boutique Holdings Limited
Jutal Offshore Oil Services Limited
K Wah Internationals Limited
K & P Internationals Limited
K I T H Holdings
K P I Company Limited
K T P Holdings Limited
K W G Property
Ka Shui International
Kai Yuan Holdings
Kam Hing Internationals Limited
Kantone Holdings Limited
Karl Thomson Holdings Limited
Karrie Internationals Limited
Kasen Internationals Limited
Kee Shing Holdings Limited
Kenfair Internationals Limited
Kenford Group Holdings Limited
Kerry Properties Limited
Kin Yat Holdings Limited
King Fook Holdings
Kingboard Chemical
Kingboard Laminates Holdings Limited
Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited
Kingmaker Footwear Holdings Limited
Kingway Brewery Holdings Limited
Kowloon Development Company Limited
Kunlun Energy
Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited
L K Technology Holdings Limited
Lai Sun Development Company Limited
Lam Soon Hong Kong Limited
Le Roi Holdings Limited
Le Saunda Holdings Limited
Lee & Man Holding Limited
Lee & Man Paper
Lee Hing Development Limited
Lee Kee Holdings Limited
Leeport Holdings Limited
Lei Shing Hong Limited
Lerado Group Holdings Company Limited
Li & Fung Trading Limited
Li Ning Company Limited
Lianhua Supermarket Holdings Company Limited
Lifestyle International
LifeTec Group Limited
Lijun International Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Lingbao Gold
Link Real Estate Investment Trust
Linmark Group Limited
Lippo China Resources Limited
Lippo Limited
Little Sheep Group
Liu Chong Hing Investment Limited
Long Far Pharmaceutical Limited
Longyuan Power
Lonking Holdings
Lo's Enviro-Pro Holdings Limited
Luen Thai Holdings Limited
Luk Fook Holdings International Limited
Lung Cheong Internationals Limited
Lung Kee Bermuda Holdings Limited
Luoyang Glass
M T R Corporation Limited
Maanshan Iron & Steel Company
Magnificent Estates Limited
Mainland Headwear Holdings Limited
Man Sang International Limited
Man Yue Internationals Limited
Manulife Financial
Maoye International
Mascotte Holdings Limited
Matsunichi Communication Holdings Limited
Meadville Holdings Limited
Media Chinese International Limited
Mei Ah Entertainment Group Limited
Melbourne Enterprises Limited
Melco International Development Limited
Mengniu Dairy
Midas Internationals Limited
Midland Holdings
Min Xin Holdings Limited
Mineral Resources
Ming An Holdings
Ming Hing Holdings Limited
Minsheng Banking Corporation
Minth Group Limited
Mirabell Internationals Limited
Miramar Hotel & Investment
Modern Beauty Salon Holdings Limited
Moiselle Internationals Limited
Mongolia Energy Limited
Moulin Global Eyecare Holdings Limited
N W S Holdings Limited
Naga Corp Limited
Nam Tai Electronic & Electrical Products Limited
Nan Hai Corporation Limited
National Electronics Holdings Limited
Neo-Neon Holdings
Neptune Group
New Capital International Investment Limited
New Heritage Holdings Limited
New Island Printing Holdings Limited
New Media Group Holdings Limited
New Ocean Energy Holdings Limited
New Times Group Holdings Limited
New World China Land
New World Department Store China Limited
New World Development Company Limited
New World Mobile Holdings Limited
Next Media
Ngai Hing Hong Company Limited
Ngai Lik Industrial Holdings Limited
Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Limited
Noble Jewelry Holdings Limited
Nority International Group Limited
Norstar Founders Group Limited
Northeast Electric Development Company Limited
O N F E M Holdings Limited
Ocean Grand Chemicals Holdings Limited
Ocean Grand Holdings Limited
Orient Overseas International Limited
Oriental Ginza Holdings Limited
Oriental Press
P C C W Limited
P I C C Property & Casualty Company Limited
P Y I Corporation Limited
Pacific Andes Internationals Limited
Pacific Basin Shipping
Pacific Online Limited
Pacmos Technologies Holdings Limited
Pak Fa Yeow
Pak Tak International Limited
Paliburg Holdings Limited
Panda Electronics
Peace Mark Holdings Limited
Pearl Oriental Innovation Limited
Pearl River Tyre Holdings Limited
Peking Apparel International Group Limited
Perennial International Limited
Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings
Pico Far East Holdings Limited
Ping An Insurance
Pioneer Global Group Limited
Playmates Toys
Poly Hong Kong Investments Limited
Poly Investments Holdings Limited
PORTS Design Limited
Pou Sheng International
Prosperity Investment Holdings Limited
Proview Internationals Limited
Prudential plc
Public Financial Holdings Limited
Q P L Internationals Limited
Quality HealthCare Asia Limited
Quam Limited
Quaypoint Corporation
Qunxing Paper
R & F Properties
R R E E F China Commercial Trust
Radford Capital Investment Limited
Recurit Holdings Limited
Regal Hotels Internationals Limited
Regent Manner Internationals Limited
Regent Pacific Group Limited
REX CAPITAL Financial Holdings Limited
Rising Development Holdings Limited
Road King Infrastructure Limited
RoadShow Holdings Limited
Rontex Internationals Limited
Royale Furniture Holdings
Ruyan Group Holdings Limited
S C M P Group Limited
S C U D Group Limited
S E A Holdings Limited
S E E C Media Group Limited
S I M Technology Group Limited
S M I Corporation Limited
S P G Land Holdings Limited
S W Kingsway Capital Holdings Limited
Sa Sa Internationals Limited
Safety Godown Company Limited
Sam Woo Holdings Limited
Samling Global Limited
Samson Paper Holdings Limited
San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong
Sandmartin Internationals Limited
See Corporation Limited
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation
Shandong Molong Petroleum Machinery Company Limited
Shanghai Electric Group
Shanghai Forte Land
Shanghai Industrial Holdings
Shanghai Jinjiang International Hotels Group Limited
Shanghai Prime Machinery Company Limited
Shangri-La Asia Limited
Shaw Brothers
Shell Electric
Shenji Group Kunming Machine Tool Company Limited
Shenyin Wanguo Limited
Shenzhen Expressway Company Limited
Shenzhen Internationals
Shenzhen Investment
Shimao Property
Shinhint Acoustic Link Holdings Limited
Shougang Concord Century Holdings Limited
Shougang Concord International Enterprises Company Limited
Shougang Concord Technology Holdings Limited
Shui On Construction & Materials Limited
Shui On Land Limited
Shun Cheong Holdings Limited
Shun Tak Holdings Limited
Sichuan Expressway Company Limited
Silver Grant International Industries Limited
Simsen International Corporation Limited
Sing Tao News Corporation
Singamas Container Holdings Limited
Sino Gas Group Limited
Sino Gold Mining
Sino Golf Holdings Limited
Sino Hotels Holdings Limited
Sino Land Company Limited
Sino Technology Investments Company Limited
Sino Union Petroleum & Chemical International Limited
SinoCom Software Group Limited
Sinofert Holdings
Sino-i Technology Limited
Sinolink Worldwide Holdings Limited
Sino-Ocean Land
Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited
Sinopharm Group
Sinotrans Shipping
Sinotruk Hong Kong Limited
Skyworth Digital Holdings Company Limited
Smartone Telecommunications Holdings Limited
Softbank Investment International Limited
SOHO China Limited
Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited
Solartech Internationals Limited
Solomon Systech International Limited
Soundwill Holdings Limited
South China Financial Holdings Limited
South Sea Petroleum Holdings Limited
Southeast Asia Properties & Finance Limited
Standard Chartered plc
Star Cruises Limited
Starlite Holdings Limited
Stelux Holdings International Limited
Stone Group Holdings Limited
Styland Holdings Limited
Suga Internationals Limited
Sun East Technology Holdings Limited
Sun Fook Kong Holdings Limited
Sun Hung Kai & Company Limited
Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited
Sun Innovation Holdings Limited
Suncorp Technologies Limited
Sunlight Real Estate Investment Trust
Sunny Global Holdings Limited
Sunny Optical Technology Group Limited
Sun's Group Limited
Sunshine Paper Holdings Company Limited
Sunway Internationals Limited
Swank International Manufacturing Company Limited
Swire Pacific Limited
Synergis Holdings Limited
T C Interconnect Holdings Limited
T C L Communication Technology Holdings Limited
T C L Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited
T O M Group Limited
T R Moore Financial Group International Group Limited
Tack Hsin Holdings Limited
Tai Ping Carpets International Limited
Tai Sang Land Development Limited
Taifook Securities Group Limited
Tai-I Internationals Limited
Tak Shun Technology Group Limited
Takson Holdings Limited
Tan Chong International Limited
Tao Heung Holdings Limited
Techtronic Industries Company Limited
Teem Foundation Group Limited
Television Broadcasts Limited
Temujin International Investments Limited
Tencent Holdings Limited
Texwinca Holdings Limited
Theme Internationals Limited
Tiande Chemical Holdings Limited
Tiangong International
Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Company Limited
Tianjin Development
Tianjin Port Development
Tianneng Power International Limited
Tidetime Sun Group Limited
Tingyi Cayman Islands Holding Corporation
Titan Petrochemicals Group Limited
Tomorrow Internationals Limited
Tomson Group Limited
Tongda Group Holdings Limited
Tonic Industries Holdings Limited
Top Form International Limited
Topsearch Internationals Limited
Towngas China
Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited
Transport Internationals Limited
Travelsky Technology Limited
Truly Internationals Limited
Tsim Sha Tsui Properties Limited
Tsingtao Brewery
Tungtex Holdings Company Limited
Tysan Holdings Limited
U D L Holdings Limited
U S I Holdings Limited
Uni-Bio Science Group Limited
Uni-President China Holdings Limited
United Company RUSAL
United Laboratories Internationals Limited
United Pacific Industries Limited
United Power Investment Limited
Unity Investments Holdings Limited
Universe Internationals Limited
U-Right International
V S International Group Limited
V S T Holdings Limited
V Tech
V X L Capital Limited
Value Partners Group Limited
Van Shung Chong Holdings Limited
Vantage Internationals Limited
Varitronix International Limited
Veeko Internationals Limited
Venture International Investment Holdings Limited
Vietnam Manufacturing & Export Processing Holdings Limited
Vinda International
Vitasoy Internationals Limited
Vitop Bioenergy Holdings Limited
VODONE Limited
Vongroup Limited
Wah Ha Realty Company Limited
Wah Yuen Holdings Limited
Wai Chun Group Holdings Limited
Wai Kee Holdings Limited
Wang On Group Limited
Want Want China
Warderly Internationals Limited
Water Oasia Group Limited
Wealthmark Internationals Limited
Weichai Power
Wharf Holdings Limited
Wheelock Properties Hong Kong
Willie Internationals Limited
Winfair Investments
Winfoong International
Wing Hang Bank Limited
Wing Hing Internationals Limited
Wing Lung Bank Limited
Wing On Company International Limited
Wing On Travel Holdings Limited
Wing Shan International Limited
Winsor Properties Holdings Limited
Wonderful World Holdings Limited
Wongs International
Wong's Kong King Internationals Limited
Wonson Internationals Limited
Wuyi International Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Wynn Macau
Xiamen International Port Company Limited
Xingda Internationals Limited
Xingfa Aluminium Holdings Limited
Xingye Copper
Xinjiang Tianye Water Saving Irrigation System Company Limited
Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry Company
Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited
Xiwang Sugar Holdings Company Limited
Xtep Internationals Limited
Y T Realty Group Limited
Yanzhou Coal Mining Company
Yardway Group Limited
Yau Lee Holdings Limited
Yip's Chemical Holdings Limited
Yizeng Chemical Fibre
Yu Ming Investments Limited
Yue Da Holdings Limited
Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings
Yuexiu Property
Yugang International Limited
Yurun Group
Z T E Corporation
Zhaojin Mining Industry Company
Zhejiang Expressway Company
Zhengzhou Gas Company Limited
Zhong Hua Internationals Limited
Zhongda Internationals Limited
Zhongtian International Limited
Zhuzhou C S R Times Electric
Zijin Mining Group Company Limited